Breeders' Websites

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American Guernsey Association
American Jersey Cattle Association
American Milking Shorthorn Society
Arethusa Farm
Bittersweet Farm
Bonaccueil Holsteins
British Livestock Genetic
Brothers Three Brown Swiss
Brown Swiss Association
Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association of New Zealand
Budjon Farms
Comestar Holsteins
Coulinge Holsteins
Covington Jerseys

Cribbet Farms
Elite Dairy
Elm Park Farms, Ltd.
Ferme Pierre Boulet Inc.
Gold Mine Milking Shorthorns
Gurn-Z Meadow
Hilltop Acres Farm
Hilltop Dairy LLC
Holstein Association USA
Illinois Holstein Futurity
Ja-Bob Holsteins
Kara-Kesh Holsteins
Kleenhaven Holsteins
Kueffner Holsteins & Jerseys
Lavon Farms
Lenkaitis Holsteins
Maple Downs Farms II, LLC
Maple-Ain Holsteins
Mapleton Valley Farms
Oceanbrae Milking Shorthorns
Old Mill Farm
Palmyra Farm
Pinehurst Farms
Pond Hill Dairy

RAD-ical Genetics
Red & White Dairy Cattle Association
Red and Black Farm, Inc.
Regancrest Holsteins
River Valley Farm
Robella Holsteins
Rock-N-Hill II
Rolandale Farm
Rosedale Genetics
Skycrest Holsteins
Starlight Acres
Steffes Registered Holsteins

Thorndale Farms
Top Acres Brown Swiss
Tramilda Holsteins
Twinkle-Hill Farm
US Ayrshire Breeders Association
Voegeli Farm, Inc.
Willow's Edge
Wisconsin Brown Swiss Association